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Welcome to the official website of Tracy's Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Studios of Vallejo, CA, Fairfield, CA, Vacaville, CA and Davis, CA! Share

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Over 1000 schools and clubs internationally teach
The Tracy System® of
martial arts & self-defense.

- Since 1957 -

What makes Tracy's the largest and most successful self-defense and martial arts schools in the world?  The biggest differences at Tracy's are:

      Private AND Group instruction at group-only rates
     Learn 7 to 17 times faster than receiving only group instruction
     Unlimited Groups per week for you or your whole family
     Learn at your own pace              No stress or embarrassment
     Open 6 days a week       • Study at a time convenient for you

      Family Rates:  Train together as a family for no additional charge -- one member of the family pays, the rest train FREE!
--OR--  2-for-1:  Bring a friend and split the cost of one together!

      No Hidden Fees--EVER WARNING:  at most other studios undisclosed (yet required) "extra" hidden fees like belt tests, initiation, membership and enrollment fees can double or triple your actual training costs, adding up to hundreds or often thousands of dollars extra per family member, per year!

You can read more about our rates here

Other differences are:

         Professional Instruction by adult, certified, full-time instructors.

      Separate classes and special courses designed just for children in building self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline.

     The most complete system of martial arts in the world.

     Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu is not a sport.  It's the ultimate in self-defense training.  The system for everyone, not just the elite trained athlete.  Original, Traditional Kenpo Jujitsu, taught the way it was originally taught.

      Shootfighting® is the ultimate experience in sport mixed martial arts (MMA) training available today.  The only actual MMA style designed from the ground up for mixed martial arts competition.

      You build confidence as we teach you martial arts for self-defense.

      Oriental martial arts instruction taught with American values.


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bullet   How Tracy's Began
bullet Frequently Asked Questions

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In business since 1957, Tracy's schools for Martial Arts instruction are the oldest martial arts schools in California with over 1000 affiliate schools internationally and currently with 4 schools located locally in Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville and Davis, CA offering self-defense, mixed martial arts, and traditional martial arts instruction, training and competition for the Northern California area, and with more locations coming soon ...

At Tracy's we DO NOT base our rates on the following several factors which DO usually change your training costs at most other studios:


How many or what type of group classes you attend


The size of your family (how many family members)


Your level of instruction (belt or skill level)


Having to sign a long-term contract (1-3 years or longer)


  1. All of our courses include Unlimited Group instruction with 6 days a week access for you or your whole family.
    This means that unlike at many studios, at Tracy's you aren't limited to only a few days a week of groups that are for your age or level, or to only a certain day or time that a class is offered, or that you have to pay extra for you or your family to attend more or different groups if you'd like.  At our schools you set your own schedule with our convenient drop-in group schedule.  Come once or twice a week to learn self-defense, or come 3-6 days a week to get in great shape!  And you can attend just one type of class or every kind of class that we offer, which means you can learn everything that we offer without having to pay more to do so.

  2. How many members of your family train.
    At Tracy's, it's the same price at our studios whether it's just you, or your whole family.  There's never an additional charge simply because there's more than just one of you in your household who wants to train.  We feel you shouldn't be punished financially because you want your whole family to benefit from martial arts training.

  3. Your level of instruction (belt level or skill level).
    We abhor the idea of having to pay more money just so that you can move up in level of instruction, or having a permanent rate increase because you are learning more advanced material, and especially not being allowed to advance until you pay a fee.  At our schools, you will NEVER have to pay a fee in order to advance to your next belt (knowledge) level or skill level (most often referred to as "Testing Fees", which are an additionally required separate fee from you monthly dues, and are per family member; and increase or become more expensive the higher the belt level).  Nor is advancement at Tracy's ever based on time or attendance (at most studios you must attend a minimum number of group classes per week or you can not advance until a certain number of classes or time has passed).  At Tracy's, your advancement is based solely on the time-honored tradition of knowledge and skill.

  4. Having to sign a long-term contract (1+ years or more), and usually with a 3rd party billing/finance company.
    Often the price you are quoted at most martial arts schools requires signing a very long-term contract (usually a minimum of 1 year and up to 3-5 years) in order to get that price.  We don't feel you should have to make such long-term commitments in order to get an affordable rate, and we strongly disagree with such ideas in regards to children under the age of 12.  Such contracts are also usually non-refundable -- you have basically taken out a "loan" for your lessons (the studio gets paid in full in advance, minus a percentage, and you are making your "loan" payments to a finance company).  At Tracy's, you are dealing directly with us, and you have the options of paying as you go or paying ahead to save more money -- the choice is yours.

Tracy's only bases our rates on the following:


How often you would like to attend private instruction


What method of payment plan you prefer

We feel people learn best individually, and they practice and try their hardest and get the best workout in groups.  It is for this reason that all courses and packages in our studios not only include unlimited group instruction for you or your entire family, but also include some individual, private instruction (family classes or if you prefer 1-on-1 for each family member) to compliment the group practices and workouts, something which most martial arts schools either do not offer at all or you must pay a great deal extra in order to receive, and then it is only for the select few.

The only difference in our training packages is the frequency of private instruction and which payment method you prefer.  We offer an introductory package of 4 private lessons to get you started which allows you to evaluate the quality of our instruction as well as prepares you for the group classes and more advanced training after the introductory lessons.  This introductory package is only $89.50, and can be set up or scheduled by appointment any time or frequency during our business hours.

Our least expensive program after the introductory course includes 2 private classes per month and requires no time commitment, allowing you to pay as you go, all for about $30 per week.  One step up is our most popular program, increasing the frequency of private lessons to once per week, giving you more than double the private lessons (4-5 per month compared to only 2 times per month) for just $15 per week extra.  This program gives you the best value, and you can save an additional 10-20% discount for opting with one of our short term commitment plans.  We also offer many further customizable programs if you would like to receive even more amounts of private instruction beyond the minimums included.

If you'd like to get started on our introductory trial program, or would like to talk to an instructor and get any further questions answered beyond the information already provided on our website, simply call the studio closest to you to set up a free appointment for a personal interview at a time that's most convenient for you.  Click here for the location nearest you.

We provide Martial Arts Instruction & Training in California in the following cities:
 Vacaville - Fairfield - Vallejo - Davis

Instruction/Training Our Locations Davis, CA 95616 Vacaville, CA 95687 Fairfield, CA 94533 Vallejo, CA 94590 Coming soon...


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